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Not just words.

The future of design and technology needs to include the voices of a diverse and inclusive set of people — with equal representation of those from different cultures, backgrounds and abilities. People who have been historically marginalized need their voices amplified — and for those who have held the stage, to stand aside. I fall into the latter.

As a white male in tech, I’ve been over-represented for far too long. So by acknowledging my privilege and with the belief that the industry doesn’t need another white, male voice — I aim to be an advocate for and ally to underrepresented groups, and work to ensure that my voice is only ever constructive, sympathetic and necessary. I hold myself accountable to these ethics — but of course, words are nothing without action.

So to honor my commitment to furthering diversity in tech through my coaching — I currently donate my availability to mentoring programs specifically aimed towards Black communities and under-represented groups. I also ensure my coaching base is at least 80% women and representative of a global audience. I also routinely provide my services at no cost to not-for-profit organizations and students.

Be good.

I believe that positive change needs to start at home — and work towards the idea of leaving the world better than I found it. Leave nothing but footprints. To that end my family and I are committed to making conscious choices that result in positive long-term impact on the environment and our community — this includes a commitment to carbon neutrality. These are the guidelines for our household.

I also acknowledge and pay my respects to the Tharawal people, the Traditional Custodians of the land on which I operate my business and raise my family.