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Buzz has coached us through thousands of crucial design decisions — his attention to detail, visual design, UX and pattern consistency is Major League status. His communication is next level.


Buzz is a good human and a very seasoned designer. If you’re in need of direction, I’d recommend chatting to him!

Head of Product — Calibre

Design Direction

Being a designer at a startup isn’t easy, harder still being the only one… or one of a few. These are my people — companies and designers who are punching above their weight, constantly against a deadline but always hungry to improve. I work with small teams like this to provide the design and career support you’d expect of an in-house Principal Designer. I run design reviews, collaborate on concepts, talk through ideas and coach teams towards producing their best work.

With over 16 years of hands-on designing (see my design work) and leading product teams of all sizes — ranging from just me to hundreds of designers… in agencies, startups, remotely and in-house — I can help bring big brand experience, an outside opinion, and some best-practices to designing beautiful, effective and customer-centric products.

I get involved wherever the work is done — whether as-and-when on Slack, a weekly Figma jam, via a scheduled Zoom call or a 1-on-1 coaching session — my priority is on building happy, collaborative and effective design teams.

$250 /hour
Various pricing structures available.
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