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Individual Coaching

I’ve coached hundreds of high-performing designers and creative individuals — helping them navigate tricky spots in their career and find clarity and purpose in moments of opportunity. Calling on 19+ years experience across multiple disciplines and organization sizes & I lead with honesty and humility, and help designers uncover success on their own terms.

I’ve grown immensely as a designer over my time coaching with Buzz. Every session is a combination of working through challenges in my role and tactically learning from his decades of expertise.

Meghan, Design Lead BestPracticer

Buzz is that rare combination of extraordinarily good and humble ... he can take even the best designers & teams and make them better.

Imogen, Square Peg Capital

Buzz is genuine, intuitive and has added so much value to my role. His outside perspective and knowledge are always insightful.

Elaine, Designer Petzyo

Buzz’s mentorship in the last few months has elevated me and my team’s efficiency and performance dramatically.

Tina, UX Manager Fusion Sport

Buzz is one of the very few people who is actually qualified to coach.

Justin, Head of Support Ghost

Buzz helped me to maintain vision and confidence at a difficult time, transitioning back into the realm of design.

Thomas, Designer

Since working with Buzz I’ve become a lot more transparent in my work and confident asking for feedback and sharing work to a wider audience.

Dee, Senior Designer

Without Buzz’s involvement I would’ve continued to feel alone in a tough situation. He gave me a lot of clarity.

Nick, Senior Designer Xero

Buzz has really helped me be better in my role! I remember feeling much more confident and grounded in my project after each session.

Elise, Senior Designer

With a bias on establishing and scaling effective design teams, I also specialize in the following topics — helping provide the confidence and strategies necessary for success. Pulling from my own experience, and the experiences of others I have coached — I help you find the fastest path to success.

  1. Dealing with imposter syndrome
  2. Remote-first practices and effective team collaboration
  3. First-time leadership and communicating design as a business function
  4. Design systems (establishing and scaling)
  5. Career growth frameworks
  6. Prioritizing creativity & harmonious customer/design/engineering relationships

$200 /session
2x monthly recommended, no minimum. $AUD (+GST)

Lets Talk!Drop me an email and we can schedule a free 30 minute call where we can discuss what you’re hoping to achieve. No pressure, just a friendly chat!

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